Integrate text chat, voice conference and document sharing via Google Friend Connect

You can experience more direct communication with and between community members thru the newly introduced ClackPoint gadget for Friend Connected sites. Not only does this slick gadget let your users chat live in a text-based chat room, it also lets them dial in and talk directly from their computer thru a microphone.

You can take part in a group-edited notepad, import PDF's that can be viewed by other chat members, and even send out a poll to everyone else in the chat room.

The gadget could be used in a business setting, similar to WebEx. But also informal group meetings where real identities are still important (i.e. discussing plans for the next softball team practice).

You can try out the gadget at:

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Enrich your Life with Google Friend Connect

Google Friend Connect is an online, open social service offered by Google. It allows users to communicate with their friends on other websites. Now, you don’t have to be on the same site as everyone else, but you can still communicate with them. The only catch is that the website has to allow the application to communicate with it.

Google Friend Connect uses features such as OpenId (when you sign in) and oAuth to help control the data. With the blend of the different open products, this effective new technology is bound to become a popular means of communication.

Websites that are not as advanced as the social networking sites can now take advantage of Google Friend Connect, as users can use their Google, Yahoo and other credentials to sign in and then the website owners can have some sort of social networking sprinkled throughout their site. A lot of codes would have to be written to allow sites to function in this way, but Google Friend Connect allows the website to stay the way that it is and allows the consumer to use their other applications from Google, Yahoo, etc to interact with the non-social websites.

Basically, what this all means is that now the web itself has become social! Yes, the public is social and we communicate with each other to the extent that sites such as Twitter have become ‘addictive’; however, in the past websites could not communicate with each other. With the new technology that Google Friend Connect has offered, websites can now be social with each other.

The development of a social friends list is valued by many online users. Now, the users can take their friends with them to other sites. Google Friend Connect doesn’t steal your log in information, your password information or your friend’s IDs and it doesn’t share any information with other sites. It is a completely friendly interface that allows the user to control where they want to link their Friend Connect count to.

The users and the website owners are in complete control of what happens with their account and/or website. Website owners can choose what type of social platform that they want to incorporate into their site and users can leave comments, participate in forums and so on. Google Friend Connect allows you to do more than just leave comments. API formats allow virtually any type of social interaction to be possible and with the incorporation of some type of social platform onto a website; website owners will see a decrease in spam.

Google Friend Connect is completely free for both, the users and the website owners. It allows for social integration to be possible with very little effort. Users can take their friends with them anywhere that they can go. The only aspect that is shared from site to site is the users photo ID, and the users still have control over that.

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Google Friend Connect integrates with Netlog - Europe's Largest Social Network

Google announced integration with Netlog - Europe's premier social networking community with more than 45 million users.

Users can utilize their Netlog profiles on any Friend Connected site, invite other Netlog users to join Friend Connect, as well as share their Friend Connect activity with friends on Netlog. Google uses open standard technologies on the backend to enable Netlog and other sites to plug into Google Friend Connect.

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Recommendation Widget introduced by Google Friend Connect

On May 14, 2009 Google announced the Friend Connect Recommend Widget similar to options provided by Digg & StumbleUpon.

Sites with Google Friend Connect enabled now have an option to support content recommendation. Members can recommend the content they like, ranging from a whole page to a single picture by clicking a "recommend it" button. It's useful for both publishers and visitors, because they can easily see what parts of a site are the most popular.

Here's a video about this new Recommend Gadget:

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Comment Translator Now Available with Google Friend Connect

Google announced today a 'translation feature' for the Google Friend Connect comments gadget.

Have a hard time translating a comment made in a different language? No Problem! A “translate” link in the comments gadget now pops up a menu of languages to choose from. The translated comments are than highlighted in yellow.

Video (below) portrays what the comment gadget looks like in action:

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How to Add a Social Bar Gadget to Blogger

Follow these simple steps to put a social bar at the top (or bottom) of your blogspot's page(s) to give your visitors easy access to Google Friend Connect's Social Features.

  1. If you haven't already done so, register your Blog URL @
  2. In the Google Friend Connect admin panel choose the 'Social Bar' option in the navigation menu of your Friend Connect enabled blog.
  3. Select appropriate options outlined in the Social Bar setup page, such as Social bar position, Comments Header, etc. and than click 'GENERATE CODE'
  4. Highlight & copy generated code provided (Only) in Step 2.
  5. Now: Login to your blog's admin panel
  6. Go to the Layout > Page Elements tab for your Blog
  7. Click 'Add a Gadget'
  8. In the Add a Gadget window select the 'HTML/Javascript' (this enables you to add/configure additional coding to your blog)
  9. Paste the Social Bar generated code into the 'Contents' Box for the HTML/Javascript Gadget.
  10. Save and watch the Magic Unfold! :)

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Add an Event Gadget to your Site

Google announced a new way to promote and get people to sign up for events online via Google Friend Connect.

Setting up an event is pretty easy: Just enter basic details, i.e. time & location, than Google will generate code which you can post to your site. A Google Map showing the event's location is automatically embedded. When people visit your site, they’ll see an event description and a button asking them whether they want to attend. They can sign in using Friend Connect (with a Google, Yahoo, AIM, or OpenID account) and RSVP. The advantage here is that the people see the event and sign up right on your website, rather than visiting another event service like Facebook or Evite. Furtheremore, when a Google user signs up for an event, it’s automatically transferred to their Google Calendar! Of course, that doesn't mean you should limit yourself to physical events -- host a virtual meet-up or "webinar" and share all of the important dial in codes through the event gadget.

Add a Google Friend Connect - Event Gadget to your site [Video]:

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