How to Add a Social Bar Gadget to Blogger

Follow these simple steps to put a social bar at the top (or bottom) of your blogspot's page(s) to give your visitors easy access to Google Friend Connect's Social Features.

  1. If you haven't already done so, register your Blog URL @
  2. In the Google Friend Connect admin panel choose the 'Social Bar' option in the navigation menu of your Friend Connect enabled blog.
  3. Select appropriate options outlined in the Social Bar setup page, such as Social bar position, Comments Header, etc. and than click 'GENERATE CODE'
  4. Highlight & copy generated code provided (Only) in Step 2.
  5. Now: Login to your blog's admin panel
  6. Go to the Layout > Page Elements tab for your Blog
  7. Click 'Add a Gadget'
  8. In the Add a Gadget window select the 'HTML/Javascript' (this enables you to add/configure additional coding to your blog)
  9. Paste the Social Bar generated code into the 'Contents' Box for the HTML/Javascript Gadget.
  10. Save and watch the Magic Unfold! :)

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