Sign in to Google Friend Connect with an Open ID

If you do not have a Google, Yahoo, or AIM Account, Google Friend Connect allows you to use any service which supports OpenID to sign-in and utilize social features on sites with Google Friend Connect enabled. The nice thing about logging in with a decentralized single OpenID on Google Friend Connect enabled sites and other OpenID supported sites, you don’t need to create a new account. OpenID is a good compliment to the traditional login and account system, whereas it eliminates password management for sites supporting OpenID logins. Nevertheless, your privacy is respected when using Open ID. According to GFC's privacy policy, "if you use an OpenID account to sign in to Google Friend Connect, Google will not receive the information you supplied your identity provider when you created your account."

You already have your own OpenID if you use one of the following services:







Alternatively, If you don’t have an OpenID yet, you can register with the following:
Upon joining a Friend Connected site with a Google Account, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID, you'll have an option to sign in and connect directly with friends from social networks via Orkut, Plaxo or Twitter. It's simple to setup. Once you sign in, go to the settings section, click the 'Add / Remove' link located towards the bottom and choose to connect your profile with your preferred site.

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