How Google Friend Connect Can Boost an Online Business

Those that are currently running an online business are probably reaping many rewards. Online sales revenues are well into the billions of dollars per year. This makes an online business far more attractive to entrepreneurs than the costly start up fees commonly associated with traditional brick and mortar businesses. Additionally, there are a number of excellent online venues that can greatly aid in promoting an online business. One of these free promotional venues is the newly emerging Google Friend Connect system.

What is Google Friend Connect? It is a streamlined process provided by Google for both commercial and non-commercial websites to communicate and connect with one another is an easier manner. So, if you have an online business you could connect your business with others on the web that have websites. Also, if your online business has a profile on a social networking site, it can centralize and connect all the friends you have on all these social networking sites. One of the most obvious benefits that you can derive from this is the ability to greatly expand your presence online and communicate with enormous volumes of people in a streamlined and easy manner. This would have the obvious benefit of greatly expanding your ability to promote you online business in a simple and cost effective manner.

If you are operating an online business, there are two things you will need: traffic and a decent online presence. Google Friend Connect is a tremendous vehicle for delivering direct traffic. Additionally, it can aid in expanding an online business' presence all throughout the internet. How is this achieved? To understand how the process works it is necessary to look at both of these facets individually and how Google Friend Connect aids in achieving both goals.

The ability to communicate is critical for any online business. When communications can be facilitated easily and to large volumes of people in a short period of time, an online business can reap huge revenues. For example, if an online business were to offer a special deal or offer, it could send the information through its amassed social network. This would allow it to reach untold scores of people within seconds. This can lead to a significant drive in direct traffic from a variety of sources.

Additionally, one could become quite creative with the use of Google Friend Connect's ability to drive traffic and covert such traffic into sales. For example, an online business could send out an offer for a sale that is good exclusively for those members of the network. There could also be a time limit on the sale such as 24 hours. Such a special offer would clearly drive a great deal of traffic to the business' websites. Also, the special deal would work wonders for stimulating sales conversions.

Of course, the business' presence on the internet would increase as more and more websites, profiles, and friends are added into the network. The more people that see and hear about the business, the more people will see it as a serious online commercial entity. (Familiarity breeds comfort and credibility with consumers) As such, perpetually expanding the network will aid in increasing the business' online presence stratospherically. Best of all, because Google Friend Connect is open, not limited to a specific social network or online community, the expansion of this presence can go on for infinity. That alone can allow an online business to grow exponentially in a very short period of time.

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