The Difference between Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect

Both Google and Facebook have released systems that can expand social networking functions to other platforms. However, Facebook’s system is much more limited and less user friendly than the one released by Google.

Social networking continues to greatly expand in popularity. Therefore, it is no surprise that new innovations, systems, and platforms continue to be developed. Two of the newer platforms include Google Friend Connect and Facebook Connect. While both of these systems are relatively new, their popularity should skyrocket in a short period of time. After all, both Facebook and Google are solidly established names in the online world. Both are known for delivering popular, quality products and services. So, it is safe to say if any two companies could revolutionize social networking it would be both Google and Facebook. Granted, while Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect both share similarities, they also possess a few differences. Understanding these differences can allow someone on the proverbial bubble to decide which system would best for his/her individual needs.

Before looking at the differences, it would be best to briefly examine the main similarities between the two. Essentially, both Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect allow fans of social networks to maintain and add social network applications to other websites. As a result, a social network can be maintained and expanded all throughout the internet. All that is required is adding the code from either of these two services to the website and you are in business. The positive effect of this on the free flow of information is fairly pronounced. Therefore, as more and more people become aware of them their popularity and membership should continue to grow.

Of course, there are also significant differences between the two. The most glaring difference between the two is the issue of expansiveness and compatibility. In particular, Facebook Connect is only compatible with a Facebook social networking account. If you do not have a Facebook account, then you cannot use Facebook Connect. With Google Friend Connect, however, there are no such limitations and restrictions. Specifically, virtually any social network can work with Google Friend Connect. Actually, you do not even have to connect with a social networking site to use Google Friend Connect. Networks can be formed with any type of website, blog, or online platform that can accommodate a Google Friend Connect widget. This brings us to another major difference.

To add code to a website or blog from Google Friend Connect is relatively simple. All you have to do is cut and paste a ready made code and place it in the appropriate spot on the site. With Facebook Connect the process is much more complicated. In particular, the process involves a number of specialized steps that programming professionals will find easy; but, others may be left dumbfounded.

Ultimately, main difference between the two centers on Google Friend Connect being much more user-friendly and expansive. While it is understandable that Facebook Connect exists to promote Facebook, those that would prefer a more inclusive format would gravitate towards Google Friend Connect. Additionally, even those that might have an interest in Facebook Connect may find themselves completely turned off by the complicated coding process associated with it. Granted, different people will have different likes and tastes but it would appear that Google Friend Connect will achieve far greater success than Facebook Connect. Again, simplicity and ease of use is often a most attractive attribute.

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