The Easy Way to Invite Friends with Google Friend Connect

While Google Friend Connect is not a social networking site, it provides social networking applications that can be transferred to other online mediums. This means a few additional steps must be undertaken to build a friend’s list.

“Join this site’s new social network! Google Friend Connect makes it easy!”

Yes, you could add that little herald to your website or blog. You could even place it very prominently at the very top of the site. It might work wonders for those inquisitive about joining. However, there will be those that might dismiss it because they prefer not to take the extra steps needed to sign up. If they think this, then you have not utilized the easy way to invite friends into your Google Friend Connect network. That is, you have not informed them they are ALREADY members of the social network! When you don’t key your visitors into this critical piece of information then you are making it much harder to expand your friends list and, subsequently, your entire network.

One thing that needs to be understood, anyone you wish to invite to your Google Friend Connect network are already a friend. All the person has to do is sign in. This is because anyone with a Google, Yahoo, or OpenID account can sign into Google Friend Connect. There is no need to open any new accounts or create any new passwords. They simply have to sign in using the aforementioned accounts. When they realize this, they are more likely to join. This is because they do not have to join at all. Again, all they have to do is sign in. However, a common error made by those wishing to invite friends into Google Friend Connect is they do not convey this information to potential members. This can be a huge oversight that must be avoided.

It would also be beneficial to let people know about your site’s Google Friend Connect affiliation and its ease of use while performing traditional search engine optimization and traffic tactics. For example, many people will take advantage of free article directories to build traffic and search engine rankings. If the site you are promoting in these articles possesses a Google Friend Connect widget, simply mention that fact in the article. Of course, it is also important to mention the ease of joining the social network in the article as well. This way, any new visitors to the site will already know that they are “ready to go” as far as joining the social network.

Of course, it would not hurt to join other site networks that utilize Google Friend Connect. This way, through proactively becoming friends with other sites you will be expanding your friend’s list. Additionally, you could send communications to others members of the other sites and invite them to join your social network. Actually, the greater your presence expands on the web there will be increased instances of people sending friend requests in your direction. As the old saying goes, if you build it, they will come.

It also would not hurt to let anyone you come in contact with know Google Friend Connect exists. If there is a blog you frequently read or a website you usually visit, tell them what Google Friend Connect can do for them. Tell them how easy it is to add a widget and a little about the benefits you have gained from using Google Friend Connect. As these sites add widgets, they will surely become prime “targets” to become new friends on your site.

Really, the easiest and best way to add friends to your Google Friend Connect network is to be proactive about promoting the platform. Tell people about it, tell them how easy it is to join, and tell them how easy it is to add a widget to their site or blog. When you do this, you will discover your friend’s list growing exponentially. Google has made this possibility quite easy. Why not take advantage of what they are providing?

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