What is Google Friend Connect?

Imagine every website and blog on the internet connected into a free social network. If this sounds like something fantastical, it isn't. It is the very real concept of Google Friend Connect. This is a novel, revolutionary, and free concept that has the potential to change the face of the internet.

Seriously, can you imagine placing a little widget on a website and witnessing a social network grow by leaps and bounds? Is there really a process that easy? Yes, and it comes in the form of a new concept called Google Friend Connect.

Social networking may have started as a leisurely pursuit, but it has now expanded into many other spheres. Online commerce, news and information, and public relations are among the many pursuits that made inroads through social networking sites. Additionally, the membership of social networking sites has expanded well into the hundreds of millions of members. Yes, you read that correctly, there are hundreds of millions of people who make up various global social networking communities. Now, as the popularity of social networking increased, the need for new and compelling formats has increased as well. So, it should come as no surprise that Google has developed a revolutionary concept known as Google Friend Connect.

Those that assume Google Friend Connect is "yet another" new social networking site are mistaken. This is a unique method of social networking that integrates a variety of different mediums to greatly expand the aforementioned social networking capabilities. Best of all, it has expanded these capabilities in an incredibly easy manner.

Google Friend Connect is radically different from traditional social networking. Members do not have to sign up or affiliate with any particular social networking site. Instead, you add the aspects commonly found in social networking sites to traditional websites or blogs. (Actually, you can also add it to the profile of any social networking site you belong provided your profile will accept Google Friend Connect's widget code) So, whether you own a social, hobbyist, or commercial website or blog, Google Friend Connect allows you to add common social networking related features to them.

For example, if someone ran a website designed to sell automotive parts, the Google Friend Connect widget would allow people to join the "network" of the website. These people could become friend within the site. They would be allowed to create their own profiles and expand their presence beyond the initial website and into other sites that include the same Google Friend Connect Widget. Additionally, they can add friends to their profile creating their own network of friends which could find their way to the original website.

Afterward, a free flow of information between members of the network can occur. Members can comment publicly on the website as well as communicate privately with one another. This could bring tremendous traffic and attention to the website. Needless to say, this could greatly increasing its online visibility. For commercial websites, this could lead to increased sales and revenues. For hobbyist sites, this could lead to increased readership, traffic, awareness, and feedback.

Signing in with Google Friend Connect does not even require creating a new account. You can sign into it through Gmail, Yahoo, AIM, and OpenID. Sending invites to people is an easy process as well as you can send invites to anyone who has a profile on other another social networking site.

So, really, there is no limit to the total expansion of Google Friend Connect. It is a simple, but brilliant concept that may possible do what was previously inconceivable: it can bring the entire internet together into one collective group. Yes, it is now possible.

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