Blogspot & Google Friend Connect Synergize

Google officially announced yesterday they've integrated the Blogger Following feature w/Google Friend Connect. This adds a new dimension to Blogger by bringing the free publishing service closer to a traditional social network.

Friend Connect allows users to login with one account (whether it's a Google account, a Yahoo, AIM or OpenID account) to follow any site with Friend Connect enabled. Each site that a follower joins will show up on their profile.

Now any blogspot can benefit from this feature, as your readers interact with other sites around the web and their friends see your blog listed as one they've chosen to follow. It's now very much similar to services like Twitter and Tumblr, since you can browse a blog's followers.

Blog owners, no need to worry, Google has already migrated all of the existing Followers gadgets to the newest version of Friend Connect.

This video shows you how to follow a blog:

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